SchriftenposterIII Title

Ansichten III

These two posters have been finished in 2021, but I didn’t publish them right away, they were lying in my cabinet for months. In 2022 I was invited to St. Gallen for a summer school called SCRIPTO, it’s a university programme for graduate Medievalists and Early Modern Specialists doing scholarly codicological research, while working with palaeographical tools. It was a fantastic week, and there I met Anna Velia Vogel (, who is an illustrator specialising on historical reconstructions. She added the wonderful initials which make the posters look so beautiful and complete. Thank you Anna for your remarkable work!

The posters go in line with previous editions, I take them as exercise to also compare my learning progress throughout the years. Again I did two of them: one with walnut ink, the other one is executed with iron gall ink, and of course both are written completely with quills I prepared myself.

Here are details of the ten scripts, taken from the one written with iron gall ink:

Previous editions:

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2020 – Ansichten II